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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sugaring Hurt?
Sugaring removes hair at the root which does result in some discomfort, however, the discomfort is minimal. Sugaring removes hair in the direction of hair growth and only sticks to hair and dead skin cells. Regular sugaring can result in hair that grows back finer and more sparse over time. The first time you sugar will be the most uncomfortable then it just keeps getting easier from there.
What Should I Do Before Sugaring?
Prior to sugaring make sure your skin is clean and dry and free of any oil or lotion. Avoid exfoliating for 24 hours prior to sugaring. Ensure that your hair is at least ? of an inch long but no longer than a half an inch. About 7-10 days of growth is likely fine depending on the person. You can apply a light dusting of cornstarch powder prior to sugaring to help make sure the area is completely dry. Prepare to have silky smooth hair-free skin!
Why Beaver Sugar®?

Beaver Sugar® is made in Canada with all-natural, food-grade ingredients including organic lemon juice and real Canadian maple sugar which makes it smell so good! Beaver Sugar® contains no synthetic ingredients and is safe for use even on sensitive skin. Beaver Sugar® is vegan and cruelty-free.

Can I use Beaver Sugar® if I Have Sensitive Skin?

Beaver Sugar® is safe to use on sensitive skin as it contains no harsh chemicals or resins and does not adhere to live skin cells. Beaver Sugar® is never applied hot so there is no risk of burning your skin. Sugaring removes hair in the direction of hair growth resulting in much less discomfort and irritation.

Is sugaring hard to do?

As with anything, sugaring does come with a learning curve BUT learning new things is fun and builds confidence so that’s a win win! Sugaring is easiest when it is the right consistency. Beaver Sugar® is more firm making it easier to work with. Once you get the hang of it you will never want to use a razor or any other form of hair removal ever again!

Why is my sugar so sticky?
The consistency of sugar is greatly affected by temperature. We recommend sugaring in a cool room and using a fan if necessary. Sugaring will not work if you are hot or sweaty. Sugar is firm when it is cold and sticky and runny when it is warm. You want the temperature and consistency to be JUST RIGHT. The sugar just needs to be slightly warmed prior to use and should never be hot. The sugar can be kneaded in your hands like taffy then applied and smoothed. It will get stickier as you use it due to the heat in the room and the heat from your hands and body. Take your time and use the strips for easy removal. Be kind to yourself as you are learning and remember there is no need to get frustrated?.this is sugar! Get sticky, practice, and have fun!
What should I do after sugaring?
Beaver Sugar® is water-soluble and cleans up easily with warm water. After sugaring, you may experience some temporary redness and irritation which should quickly subside. You can follow sugaring with some pure aloe vera or witch hazel to soothe the skin. Avoid hot showers, saunas, exfoliation, and friction on the area for 24-48 hours. It is recommended to wear loose clothing following sugaring and please keep the area clean. Exfoliate gently 2-3 times per week but avoid exfoliating the day before you plan to sugar.
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